1. Baron La Croix
    Wales, UK
  2. Adam Betts
    London, UK
  3. Strobes
    London, UK
  4. Three Trapped Tigers
    London, UK
  5. Bop English
    Austin, Texas
  6. The Physics House Band
    Brighton, UK
  7. Evil Ex
    London, UK
  8. Teej
    London, UK
  9. Falcon Punch
    Toronto, Ontario
  10. Gallops
    Wrexham, UK
  11. Steak Club
    London, UK


Blood and Biscuits London, UK

Blood and Biscuits is an independent record label and management company based in London. We release records by artists we love. So far that includes Three Trapped Tigers, Tall Ships, Teej, Gallops, Múm, Efterklang, LA2019, Evil Ex, Sleep Party People, Portasound and The Physics House Band. ... more

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